The Preludes

Balakrama. Stepping to Strength This prelude works on building stamina, releasing the joints and muscles from excessive stiffness, particularly in the hips, ankles and feet and strengthening the bones. The student learns to move staying on their centre whilst maintaining a steady rhythm and without forcing from the muscles.

Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam. Moving the Shadow Warrior This prelude starts to increase the length of exhalation as it utilises more forward bending actions and takes the students awareness more inward. There is greater development of co-ordinated leg, arm and breath work and greater emphasis on generating the power from the waist out through the limbs.

Kartikkeya Mandalam. Circling the Shadow The most advanced of the three. Deep held restrictions are released using spiralling, twisting movements. The breath is made much longer and finer, the co-ordinated arm and leg work becomes more intricate. Each prelude concludes with the surya namaskara (sun sequence).